Recent Shows

While I no longer enter "craft fair" type shows, I do occasionally enter juried "exhibition" type shows. Here are the most recent.

Home at Last. The initial show at the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen's newly acquired building in Lancaster, PA. The Guild has been living in rented or leased space for its first 60+ years and has finally been able to purchase a wonderful building in the downtown area of Lancaster. The show ran from September 7, 2012 through the end of November 2012. I had two pieces in the show -- Around the World and Scraps and Pieces.

A Thing or Two. Open to the Guild's state juried members only, this exhibition has a theme that is open to the maker’s interpretation. I chose my "things" to be some insects that had worked their way into my quilts. I entered Through a Bug's Eye and Slurp. This exhibition runs from December 7, 2012 through January 5, 2013 at the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen.

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